QuickPlay Pro Rebounder 7 x 7

  • At 7 feet by 7 feet it's a huge target to work with allowing players of all abilities to work on their technique, control, touch and accuracy, in both shooting and passing.
  • The PRO Rebounder is the only rebounder that can be used for ground passing and aerial work allowing for all-round multi-angle training.
  • The angle is adjustable so the coach can change the angle the ball comes back at.
  • Heavy duty and durable design allowing the PRO Rebounder to be assembled and kept on-site without; indoors or outdoors in any weather without the need for sandbags or pegs.
  • Designed and manufactured to a high-grade, institutional level for use by clubs and academies.
  • Dimensions: L 200cm H 200cm D 180cm (6.6' x 6.6' x 5.1').
  • Weight: 22.2 kg.
  • Packed Size: Only 116 x 86 x 12 (cm).