Mitre Delta Plus - White/Black/Yellow

Size Guide
Mitre Football Size Guide
  • Mitre's mid-level professional ball.
  • Crafted with a unique 14-panel configuration for consistent energy and power transfer from boot to ball for incredible speed.
  • Exclusive embossed and textured surface manipulate s airflow around the ball for pin-point accuracy and superior speed.
  • 4.5mm dual hyperfoam, converts power into pure kinetic energy for boosted speed.
  • A 1.4mm Japanese microfibre PU outer material made for improved feel, durability power and environmentally friendly.
  • Developed with a laminated power bladder that ensures ball shape and flight remain true - whilst ensuring adding power to help guide shots straight into the top corner.
  • Engineered with revolutionary Hyperseam technology for almost zero water uptake, helping the ball last in any weather - a true game-changer.


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